Are You Facing Fraud Charges in Tampa, FL?

Build your defense with fraud attorney Angelo M. Ferlita

Being charged with fraud can lead to serious consequences. Fraud charges occur when someone hides information or does something dishonest for personal gain, usually within a legal transaction. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could face significant jail time. If you're facing fraud charges in Tampa, Florida, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney.

Angelo M. Ferlita P.A. is ready to represent you. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney, and he can walk you through the entire legal process. Call 813-254-7047 today to set up a consultation.

There are multiple types of fraud

Fraud can occur in many types of legal transactions. Angelo M. Ferlita offers representation for a variety of fraud cases, including those involving:

  • Tax fraud
  • Public assistance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Federal fraud

Don't face fraud charges on your own. Make an appointment with Attorney Ferlita in Tampa, Florida today.

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